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Hairstroke (Microblade) brows immediately after, these will heal just a bit softer and lighter.

At Tyler Permanent Cosmetics you can rest assured that you will get the brows that fit YOUR face and the color that compliments your skin tone!

Hairstroke/Microbladed Brows


Hairstroke/Microbladed brows are a series of tiny little lines that simulate eyebrow hair.  

Permanent Eyeliner


There are many shapes, thickness' and colors for the permanent eyeliner.  When you come for your appointment, we will discuss your wishes and address your concerns before we ever begin the procedure.

Menu / Price List

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Tyler Permanent Cosmetics Booking Fees and Policies


Booking Fees

When you are ready to schedule your appointment, we are here to assist you.  When you have scheduled your appointment, that time is set aside for only you.  There is a nonrefundable booking fee for appointments that are made but not kept.  The fee will be deducted from the cost of your service.  

The booking fee for 'first time services' is $100.  For Color refresh appointments, $75. For follow up Appointments $40.

Late Arrivals

If you are a 'first time' client to Tyler Permanent Cosmetics, you are required to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out the intake paperwork.  If you are scheduled at 1:00pm, you need to be here at 12:45.  If you show up at 1:00 and still need to fill out paperwork, you are late.  Late arrivals will have to be rescheduled and the booking fee will be forfeited.  

If you are coming from out of town, traffic is ALWAYS bad on Broadway, so please plan accordingly and give yourself some extra time.  

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that could force your to reschedule your appointment. Please understand that such changes affect, not only your technician, but also the clients that have appointments after yours.

No Shows

If you NO SHOW  your initial appointment, your booking fee is forfeited and you will have to pay for your procedure before being put back on the schedule.  

If you NO SHOW your Follow Up or Color Refresh appointment, you will forfeit your booking fee and the cost  of your service will be paid before putting you back on the schedule.  

Follow Up Appointments and Why I May Need One

There are many reasons a client may need a follow up appointment. For each client we have, there is a different skin type, medical history, physical/athletic habits, sun exposure, skin care products etc. About 20% of our clients will need a follow up appointment.  At the end of your appointment, you will be given an after care paper and your follow up date written on it.  It is important that, if you need a follow up, you schedule your appointment with in those dates. Just know that we usually stay booked a couple weeks out, so you cannot call the day,or a couple days before your deadline and expect to get in with in your window of time. 

Color Refresh

A color refresh is a service that Tyler Permanent Cosmetics has originally done and is 12 months post the original service.  We keep notes in your file that include, color, skin type, medical history as well as, the date of your last procedure.  If you are not a previous client of Tyler Permanent Cosmetics, you probably will need a consultation to determine out plan of action.

NOTE: All permanent cosmetics fade! Some pigments are better than others and will last longer, but eventually, they too will fade. The sun is a big reason, skin care products, tanning beds, overall general health, and medications to name a few reasons. Pigments have improved over the years and the dramatic color changes are not as bad as they used to be. 

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